KidUnique Workbook

These windows unleash a powerful force for discovery in the way we see kids and the way they see us as someone who cares. Every window is a compelling lens through which we watch a kid grow. As you actively look through and understand the four windows, they will alter the relational compass in your brain of how you relate to kids in the future. These four windows are different lenses to peer into each moment of the day. They put into action the expressions of our love. They position us around a kid so that we can gain perspective. Observation will put us right in front of a kid looking straight on and seeing what we can see. Exploration puts us right next to a kid as we inspire discovery and help process reactions. Affirmation puts us behind a kid speaking encouragement and reminding what’s right with him or her. Revelation puts us on our knees at the feet of a kid as we earnestly ask God for insight and help.

Observation unleashes the power of seeing a kid

Affirmation unleashes the power of telling a kid what’s right with them

Exploration unleashes the power of discovery

Revelation unleashes the power of listening to God and praying for a kid