From the author...

Each year, I have the privilege of speaking to thousands of parents, teachers, and youth workers across the country about the truths, principles, and practices found in my kidunique book.

Because of the impact I’ve seen in the lives of these caring adults, I’m excited about the opportunity to put these same training resources in your hands—resources you can use anywhere, anytime, with any group, without needing to bring me to town for a seminar.

If you’re a parent (or grandparent), these principles can transform your relationship with your kids. I say that from my own experience as the father of three sons; many of the truths and insights I share in these sessions come from my own journey as a parent of boys with unique passions, talents, and personalities.

If you’re a youth worker, this training will empower you to more effectively minister to the teenagers in your congregation and community. And if you fill any other role of caring adult involved in the lives of children and teenagers—including coaches, teachers, counselors, and other educators—these resource will enable you to turn down the volume on a culture that negatively shapes our kids’ values and identities. I firmly believe that every life is a mystery waiting to be uncovered, not a mistake needing to be corrected.

Know that if you purchase the book OR chose to use the video workshop OR if you choose to bring me live and in person, you’ll have opportunities to engage in hands-on, experiential activities that will drive home the truths and principles taught here.

You and I have been entrusted with the development of the next generation, and I want to help you win. I want you to discover how to combat much of the negativity, frustration, and hopelessness that our kids feel. I want you to be empowered to build a life-giving relationship with a kid—the kind of relationship that sets that kid on a path toward leading a life filled with purpose, meaning, and impact.

I look forward to helping you begin the kidunique adventure!

Dan Webster (email me with any questions... )