KidUnique Video Workshop
KidUnique Video Workshop


Explore the truths, principles, and practices that youth ministry veteran Dan Webster has shared with parents and leaders across the country through the kidunique Video Workshop, an engaging DVD training resource. This resource will equip you to powerfully affect kids by clarifying the four windows through which we see them—observation, exploration, affirmation, and revelation—and present a simple system for collecting insights that a kid will carry into the future. Webster will lead you through 11 teaching sessions, each lasting between 10 and 15 minutes. The training includes hands-on, experiential activities that will reinforce the teaching you just heard.





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If you’re a mom or dad, gather with other parents to walk through this training together in a small group. If you’re a youth worker, these sessions offer invaluable training for your team of staff and volunteers on effectively ministering to teenagers. And if you’re an educator or coach, use these videos to gain more insight into the kids sitting in your classroom each day. If you’ve been entrusted with the development of a child or teenager, the kidunique Video Workshop will teach you how to combat much of the negativity, frustration, and hopelessness that our kids feel. You’ll become empowered to build a life-giving relationship with a kid—the kind of relationship that sets that kid on a path toward leading a life filled with purpose, meaning, and contribution.

THIS RESOURCE INCLUDES: 1) a kidunique workbook, 2) a DVD with 11 engaging teaching sessions presented by Dan Webster along with experiential learning experiences, and 3) a CD with a participant guide in PDF format, promotional ecard, postcard, poster & desktop background, and additional promotional elements.

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