KidUnique Workbook

Be an adult who makes a difference in the life of a kid.

Maybe it’s your own son or daughter. Perhaps it’s a kid in your classroom or on the team you coach. It might even be a teenager in the youth ministry where you serve. What if a kid saw you as a life-changing mentor and support?

Kids have an innate need for adults who will cheer for them, see the best in them, pray for them, and support them through both words and actions. Youth ministry and leadership mentor veteran, Dan Webster, wrote kidunique with the goal of preparing you to fulfill that essential role in the life of a child or teenager.

Drawing on his own experience as a youth worker, leadership mentor, and as a father of three sons, Webster wants to help equip you to become a ‘kidunique adult’ who helps kids:

  • know they matter because someone pays attention to them
  • boost self-esteem as they learn they are a miracle, not just a mess
  • have an increased belief in self and respect for others
  • discover their talents and strengths by trying new things
  • be closer to understanding their true selves and be content with that
  • learn to both appreciate and live into who God made them to be
  • grow by pursuing new adventures and opportunities
  • hear words identifying “what’s right instead of only “what’s wrong”
  • learn to hear the voice of God and receive the help of God
KidUnique Workbook

This task may sound intimidating, but Webster skillfully guides you from a passive position into an active role in a kid’s life through the “four-window model” of observation, exploration, affirmation, and revelation. At the end of the book, you have the chance to put his ideas into practice through a 31-Day Experience with your kid.

As you read and apply the truths, principles, and practices of kidunique, you’ll nurture a kid through encouragement to grow, develop, thrive, and be successful—an investment that will compound over a lifetime.

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