KidUnique Workbook

Bring Dan Webster to present his life changing kidunique workshop live to your church, school or organization.

Caring adults are all concerned for the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual development of the young. The kidunique live workshop equips those entrusted with the development of the next generation to go one step further and help kids solve the mystery of 'me'. Every life is a mystery waiting to be solved, not a mistake needing to be erased. Entering adulthood with clarity as to who we are and what we are impassioned to do is priceless for a kid. Investing the needed time and energy into this all-important task of helping our kids discover who they are so they can win in life is just plain smart.

In the live workshop Webster explores the truths, principles, and practices that transform a relationship with a kid. The live workshop will equip adults to meaningfully care for kids by clarifying the four windows through which we see them “observation, exploration, affirmation, and revelation” (more on the four-window model) and presents a simple system for collecting insights that a kid will carry into the future.

The live workshop includes hands-on, experiential learning activities that will reinforce the teaching you just heard. Host a workshop today!

Host a Live Workshop

Every adult walks away from this experience with:

...knowing how to get and stay closer to the kid you care about, whether six or sixteen.

...with a working knowledge of four-window model that can transform your relationship with your kid.

...with a simple system for gathering core truths about your kid and how to interact with him or her about them.

...with a workbook that is both a guide and journal to track discoveries and insights.

...with a 31 day follow-up experience that will help you learn to live as a kidunique adult.


8:00am - Registration and Coffee
8:30am - Session One - What We’re Up Against & Why kidunique Matters
9:45am - Break
10:00am - Session Two - The Four-Window Model Makes the Difference
11:15am - Break
11:30am - Session Three - The Resentment Assessment & Living Out KU